Woodford Stainless Steel '1-2-1 Flooring : Stainless Steel by Woodford'

The next generation of flooring technology
The Woodford Stainless flooring system is an innovative design which has been developed
to meet the highest standards required from industrial and domestic flooring markets.

With many creative designs to choose from including 3D patterns that can't be replicated by other forms of floor coverings, which prove inspirational to all sectors from architects down to aspiring end user and offer extensive features and uses.

Stylish and resilient | Easy to install | Simple to maintain

Stainless steel fascia | Virtually indestructible | Easy to clean and maintain | Reduced long-term costs |
Real 3D patterns | Aids slip-resistance | Bespoke designs available | Stubborn marks wipe off without damage.

Stylish designs for any purpose
Woodford Stainless Steel use 304 top grade quality stainless steel and are available in a variety of styles.
woodford stainless steel