'1-2-1 Flooring : Services'

Fitting Contracts Deptartment
Our fitting contractors are among the finest in the business with timekeeping and manners that are second to none.
We can say with pride that we will guarantee all jobs undertaken.

Fully registered and insured and have fitters with a min of 8 years experience up to 35+ years fitting service.
We are happy to move any furniture and uplift old floors including carpets to be taken away for recycling.

Our sales team offer the ultimate in sales services available today, our platinum sales services includes;
Home visits, office or Site visits with many samples in hand of available flooring products to suit your requirements.
Free measuring service with consultation and quotation, and if necessary, we have an after office hours service to ensure that you have a stress free transaction without interfering with your day to day business or activities.

We at 1-2-1 flooring are proud of our platinum service, we believe that, in order to appreciate the choices of products available, the client should see a sample in the room/area were it is intended to be installed, giving you stronger mental image of the finished result.

Being green is a must into todays world, not to mention the stressful job of having to clean up and despose of unwanted and left over surplus after workmen.

We take pride in cleaning as we work avoiding clutter because a tidy room makes all the difference in stress levels.
If required, we uplift and take away old floor coverings and all unwanted waste from new floor coverings which are then bagged and brought to a recycling facility.

Carpet Binding
We have an in house carpet binding machine for all projects that require our binding services, this enables us to have the binding returned within 24 hours, reducing the waiting time with immediate effect.

Floor Levelling
Depending on the floor type, some floors may require screeding or hardboard and in sometimes both.
This is vital in cases such as vinyl and wood and is an absolute MUST so that the sub floor is level priro to work commencing, otherwise the project can not be completed.

Floors will also be tested for moisture as this can have a major impact on the floor to be fitted.