'1-2-1 Flooring : Rugs'

Our stock rugs are individually hand picked to suit changing trends in the interior design market with a mix between modern, contemporary and traditional.

Custom pieces
Orders can be made for domestic and commercial purposes, size, colour, pile depth, fabric and design can be ordered to your desired specifications.

We can also source fine antique rugs, whether yor requirements are for home use or investment purposes.
We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field and can distinguish handmade antique pieces such as Persian, Turkish, Indian, Afghan to Moroccan. There are only a few examples of high quality handmade rugs that spans centuries back.

We also have a extensive range of rug brochures available from award winning manufactures to help source the rug to suit your requirements. From pure wool to acrylic, hand tufted to machine made, we can provide you with finest rugs available on the worlds market today.
example: Persian example: Contemporary example: Modern
Persian, Turkish, Indian, Afghan and Moroccan rugs are also works of art, they are a hand-crafted, passed down tradition which possess rare artistic beauty. (excludes machine made rugs including some modern and contemporary rugs).

The older a rug is, the more beautiful. Each antique rug has its own individuality with no two being alike.